The South African Online Bingo Guide

We at South African Bingo Guide wish to roll out the 'Red Carpet' for you.

Online bingo has grown tremendously over a short period of time and we are able to offer you an extensive overview of whats going on and keep you informed of the latetest trends and events.

Piggs Peak did a major marketing thrust in making people aware of what is locally available.Their sponsorship of the 'All Africa Poker' tournaments helped pave the way to make them known as one of the best, internationally.The winners get automatic invitations to play at the 'World series of Poker' and 'Australian Poker' tournaments.

Piggs Peak have another first. In January 2009 they launched their local online bingo site in Swaziland which has received rave reviews and accolades from the gambling fraternity. As can be expected from a company like Piggs Peak, their potent software and superb processing coupled with their easy interface makes joining and playing so simple. For those that are not au fait with online gaming, their wonderfully competent staff are always available and will assist you 24/7 in every way possible.

South Africa is a developing country, and until recently has not been thought of as an influence in global terms, but that has changed since the advent of Nelson Mandela, our two world cups by the Springbok rugby team, our Protea cricket team giving the Aussies a hiding , and now casinos internationally offering Rands among other Currencies to play at their online gaming sites.

With the growth in the electronics industry and internet banking, online gaming has become very safe and secure in handling deposits and most importantly paying you your winnings.

South African Online Bingo provides you with not only an Online Bingo Guide, but also an Online Casino Guide to what is available on the net and most importantly what has been tried and tested.

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