Land Based or Online Bingo - Your Choice

With the electronic age upon us, online bingo is gaining momemtum and becoming a well patronised form of gambling. One part of bingo that has not died is the socialising aspect as most of the online bingo sites have " chat times" which are controlled by in house chat room hosts.

Online bingo in the UK alone paid out some 70 million pounds in winnings in 2007 and are expecting this to grow over the next 5 years to reach some 160 million pounds.

An interesting phenomena about online bingo is that about 85% of players are women and 90% of them are between the ages of 18 to 45, this raises the question of whether men do not indulge in idle chit chat or just don't socialise as easy as women.

Difference between Land Based Bingo and Online Bingo

The two most obvious differences are the physicality of the land based Bingo Halls in that the player is playing so called face to face, and the interaction of players becomes more personal with the sellers of the tickets and the caller of the game, and secondly the player has to leave their place of abode and take themselves to the bingo hall.

With the advent of the internet and the development of online bingo sites the availability of the game has allowed a bigger section of the population to play. One should remember that the world has shrunk and our life styles have become quite frenetic at times, so to get home and still organise ones life before going out becomes problematic and stressful, whereas the online bingo is a matter of arriving home and switching on the computer.

To the physically handicapped ,introverts and others for what ever reason,who have difficulties in being able to go to the bingo halls but still want to play, they have the facility to join in and have some fun in their lives. For those who want to socialise, there are the chat times in between the games to talk to people from all over the world. If you are a traveller and feeling homesick, you can get online to your favourite bingo site from your lap top.

World wide crime is on the increase, so when you go out, especially in the evenings, we have in the back of our minds whether our car will still be there when we come out, or will we make it home without being mugged.

In some ways being online gives us a certain amount of anonimity and so a little more freedom to interact with people in the chat rooms, especially when talking to people from other countries, and also increase our knowledge of people of the world.

Enjoy your bingo whether you go to the bingo hall or play online, and please bear in mind to play with what you can afford. If you feel it is becomming addictive in any way contact your local gamblers anonomous who are always willing to assist.